Listing Modes

The Listing view features three distinct listing modes for managing your Amazon listings, Single Edit, Bulk Edit and Attribute Mapping.

Navigating Between Modes

You can navigate to the Listing View from within Amazon Channel by Codisto using the left-side menu, and change between the three modes in the Listing View at any time using the tabs across the top of the screen.

Single Edit Mode

Single-edit Mode can be used for quickly listing or editing single products. This holistic overview of a channel’s listing process will be great for new users looking to learn what field options exist and what’s required to list or edit on Amazon. Simply select a product to manage its listing and offer status, the Amazon fields for that product, and the settings and rules used to create your listing values.

How to use Single Edit Mode:

Select Single Edit Mode from the Listings View and click on a product to edit.


Edit any listing and offer field values for that product.


If you are creating a new listing, after you have reviewed and edited your listing fields, set the Listing Fields Status to “Publish Listing Details”. If you are only required to submit offer details, set the Listing Fields Status to “Offer Only”.

Not sure if you need to send listing fields as well as offer fields? Read this guide to Amazon listings.


Turn your Offer Status to “Active” (if you haven’t already submitted your offer to Amazon) and Save your changes to submit your offer and/or listing details to Amazon and publish your product for sale.


When to use Single Edit Mode:

  • If you are new to Amazon and want to learn more about creating and optimizing listings by listing them one at a time.
  • If you want a quick way to make changes or optimizations to an individual product.
  • If you have a small product catalog suited to listing and managing individually.

With Single-edit Mode You Can:

  • Search your catalog to select individual products to manage.
  • Create and manage listings for products one at a time.
  • Edit Amazon listing values by using rules, simple operators and text input and apply to individual products.

Learn more about listing with Single Edit Mode.

Bulk Edit Mode

Whilst Single Edit is great for creating and managing Amazon listings individually, if you have a large catalog of products, you may prefer to manage multiple listings at once with Bulk Edit.

Bulk Edit can be used for bulk listing and management of your entire product catalog from one listing mode, and features an easy-to-use spreadsheet-style interface that lets you create and manage sales channels listings in bulk or in filtered groups across your entire product catalog.

The products in your Shopify catalog are displayed in individual rows, and you can customize which Amazon fields appear in the columns to edit for those products. You can search and filter your products, and apply changes to groups of products or all of your products at once quickly and easily.


When to use Bulk Edit

  • When you want a fast and easy way to list your entire catalog on Amazon in bulk and start selling sooner.
  • To make changes to Amazon listing values for all of your products, or filtered groups of products.
  • To review all of your products and their corresponding Amazon listing field values in once place.
  • To apply simple rules and operators to Amazon listing fields to create new values and optimize fields such as titles and keywords.

With Bulk Edit You Can:

  • Create new Amazon listings or edit existing ones in bulk.
  • Edit Amazon listing values by using rules, simple operators and text input and apply in bulk.
  • Filter your catalog based on the values in your Shopify catalog and sales channel listing fields.
  • Manage products and product variants.

Learn more about listing with Bulk Edit mode.

Attribute Mapping

Attribute Mapping mode lets you define and map attribute fields between your Amazon listings and Shopify store catalog, automating field content and using specific channel data such as specific listing titles, prices or descriptions.

This is a powerful way for sellers with Amazon specific data in their Shopify catalog to manage their Amazon listings, and to implement more advanced integrations.

Attributes are grouped into similar field sections on the left, and you can use the drop downs on the right to map individual fields to data stored in your Shopify catalog, or leave as “Edit in Amazon Sales Channel” so that you can edit those values individually using Single Edit, or in groups and in bulk using Bulk Edit.


When to use Attribute Mapping

  • To map product identifiers between your online store catalog and sales channels for easier listing automation.
  • If you have integration needs that require more advanced configuration.

Learn more about using Attribute Mapping.


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