Amazon Order Sync Settings

Amazon Channel by Codisto allows you to receive and fulfil sales channel orders directly from Shopify. Based on your Order Transfer settings, orders will be sent to Shopify as if they were placed on your checkout. This allows you to fulfil them via your standard process. Once orders are shipped via your standard process, Codisto will automatically send shipping status updates and tracking data to the sales channels so there is no need to manually manage orders on your connected sales channels.

To manage your order settings, navigate to the Settings View.


Order Transfer Settings


These settings control when orders will be AUTOMATICALLY sent to Shopify, if at all. (You can always manually send orders from the Orders screen if you wish).

Send Orders by Products Linked:

All Orders - this will send all Amazon orders to Shopify.

Only Orders with Linked Products - this will only send orders to Shopify from products with an offer sync status set to “Active”. Any orders from products with their offer sync status not set to “Active” will not be sent to Shopify.

No Orders - this will turn off automatic sending completely. You can still manually push orders from the Orders view in Amazon Channel by Codisto.

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