What are some of the main differences of Amazon Channel by Codisto over other solutions?

Some of the main differences are:

  1. Amazon Channel allows you to retain your existing business flows - stay with Shopify and simply install Amazon Channel by Codisto. This avoids having to move to another platform saving a lot of set up time and changing your data flows for which system is the 'master'. It also means you aren't reliant on your multichannel solution having to develop all functionality for your ecommerce needs - Amazon Channel by Codisto works seamlessly with Shopify so you can leverage the app store ecosystem which provides best in class solutions and flexibility.
  2. Performance of sync is crucial when selling on multiple channels - you can't afford to have delayed orders, oversell inventory or sell at wrong prices. Codisto has operated Amazon sync for many years as a specialist multichannel solution and we have honed our real-time sync over that period to offer best in class performance as evidenced by our Shopify app store ratings.
  3. Our user experience is unique offering 3 different ways to list and manage products. Our Single Edit mode is great to learn, our Bulk Edit mode offers best in class bulk list & edit and our Attribute Mapping mode is again best in class offering mapping ability for all Amazon fields (not usually found).  Please see more information on our different listing modes
  4. Feature differences - as an example many other solutions don't have the ability to create new Amazon ASINs (they ask you to create on Amazon first and then link). We encourage you to do your own research but please see the list above for what's included in Amazon Channel by Codisto.
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