How long does it take to set up and start selling?

Because Amazon Channel sits inside Shopify there's no data migration to a separate multi-channel platform required, which can save days or even weeks of setup time. With Amazon Channel by Codisto, installation and connecting Amazon takes about a minute.

The time it takes for you to get your products on Amazon will depend on whether you are creating Offers for products that already exist on the Amazon catalog and if you have GTINs (barcodes e.g. UPCs) or whether you are creating new listings on Amazon.

New listings require more data to create than Offers but as long as you have the required product data in Shopify your products should be on Amazon quickly. Amazon can limit the speed of listing hundreds or thousands of products to a certain rate per minute but a few thousand products are listed in about an hour.

Setup time is dependent on how many different configurations you have for your products but all changes can be done in bulk. Even for the most complicated configurations, it's rare that merchants aren't selling same day.


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