Amazon Setup Checklist in Amazon by Codisto

Once you’ve connected your Amazon Professional Seller account, you will be taken to the Amazon Setup Checklist.


The Amazon Setup Checklist will help you through the steps required to start listing and managing products on Amazon directly from Shopify, and can also be viewed and accessed at any time from the Overview Screen.


Amazon Seller Account Status

This step confirms that your Amazon account is ready to start selling from Shopify with the Amazon Channel by Codisto sales channel.

If your account has not been able to be successfully connected, it is likely one of two reasons:

  • You have not yet connected your Amazon Professional Seller Account. If you haven’t done so already, simply go to Settings, and select “Connect Your Amazon Account” and follow the steps required to connect your Amazon account. Learn More.
  • If you have already connected an Amazon account, but an error is showing, it may be because the account you’ve connected is not a valid Professional Seller Account. Please follow the steps in this article using your Amazon Professional Seller Account to connect.

If you have completed all of these steps and are still encountering problems, you can check for common errors using this article, or contact for further assistance.

Amazon Seller SKU Match

If you have existing Amazon listings in your Seller Central account, this step will be required to link them to their corresponding products in Shopify.

If this is the first time you are selling on Amazon, or you have no existing listings or offers in your connected Amazon Seller Central account, you don't need to take any further action to complete this step. Simply hit "Next" to proceed to the next step.

If you do have existing Amazon offers and listings in your Seller Central account, Codisto will try to match them to your corresponding Shopify products for you to review and approve, or map to their corresponding products. 


If Codisto has been able to automatically match your products on Amazon to your Shopify products, you can review and approve these “Ready to Link” or “Close Match” products to link them.

If you have offers or listings on Amazon that were unable to be matched by SKU codes (“No Match”), you can manually link these products by searching for them on your Shopify catalog.

For further information on linking existing listings, please read the full Link Existing Amazon Listings article.

Barcodes (UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN) Setup

In order to sell on Amazon, you are required to have product identifiers in Amazon’s accepted formats (UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN) for your products in your Shopify catalog. To list products on Amazon with Amazon Channel by Codisto, you will need to map these fields in your Shopify catalog so Codisto knows where to find them when creating your listings.


Simply select the field in your Shopify catalog where these product identifiers are stored, and hit "Next" to proceed to the next step.

You can also map your product identifiers or change your previous selections at any time from the Attribute Mapping screen. Simply click on "Barcodes (UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN) Setup" from the Amazon Setup Checklist to be taken to Attribute Mapping, or navigate to Attribute Mapping from the Listings View.


What if I don't have valid product identifiers for my products?

Amazon requires sellers to have either valid product identifiers for all their products unless they have been granted a GTIN exemption.

If you don't have valid product identifiers for your products (UPC, EAN, ISBN or GTIN) or a GTIN exemption, please read this article to learn more about how to proceed.

Order Transfer Settings

Before you can start selling on Amazon, you’ll need to choose your settings for how you want Amazon Channel by Codisto to handle inbound orders from Amazon.


You can edit these settings at any time by navigating to "Order Transfer Settings" in the Settings View.

Send Orders by Products Linked

These settings control which Amazon orders will be automatically sent to Shopify, and when, or if you'd prefer to send manually send orders from the Orders screen.

All Orders - this will send all Amazon orders to Shopify.

Only Orders with Linked Products - this will only send orders to Shopify from products with an offer sync status set to “Active”. Any orders from products with their offer sync status not set to “Active” will not be sent to Shopify.

No Orders - this will turn off automatic sending completely. You can still manually push orders from the Orders view in Amazon Channel by Codisto.

Send Orders by Fulfilment Method

These settings control which Amazon orders will be sent to Shopify, based on the "Send Orders by Products Linked" settings, depending on their fulfilment type

For more information on Order Transfer Settings, please read the Orders Settings article.

Once you have completed this final step in the Amazon Setup Checklist, click on "Finished".

You will be taken to the Overview Screen, where you can view important notifications and status information about your Amazon connection.


If you encounter any issues that prevent you from completing the Amazon Setup Checklist, please contact for further assistance.

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