Understanding Amazon - What are ASINs?

Amazon makes it easy for buyers to find the product they are looking for by maintaining a single Amazon Product Page with shared “Listing” information for each unique product.

All sellers of that product are required to add their ‘Offer’ of price, inventory quantity and shipping terms to be viewed alongside the shared “Listing” information on the product page.

In this way, Amazon makes it easier for customers to find complete product information, view consolidated customer reviews and connect with multiple sellers from one unified Amazon Product Page.

Amazon makes this possible by using their own eight-digit product codes called Amazon Standard Identification Numbers, or ASINs for short. Each unique product, (including product variations such as size or colour), has its own unique ASIN.          

ASINs are generated by Amazon when first creating a new Amazon Product Page complete with new listing information.

When selling on Amazon:

  • You are either making your own “Offer” to sell an existing Amazon product and must use the existing ASIN and product page for that product; or
  • You are selling an entirely new product on Amazon and are required to upload the Listing information necessary for Amazon to create a new Amazon Product Page and ASIN, such as images, title, description and UPC or EAN data in addition to your unique offer information of price, inventory quantity and shipping terms.

Matching products and finding the corresponding ASINs from Amazon when uploading your own offers for selling existing products can be time consuming if you have more than a just handful of products. Amazon Channel by Codisto makes it easy to upload your own offers to sell existing products on Amazon by automatically matching products from your online store with products listed on Amazon and assigning the corresponding ASINs in bulk.

Sending the listing information in the correct format necessary to create new Amazon Product Pages with new ASINs requires different data formats depending on the categories products are being listed in. If you are selling new products on Amazon, Amazon Channel by Codisto automatically arranges your product data into the correct format to meet Amazon’s varying list of requirements, meaning you can quickly create all your new Amazon listings in bulk.

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