How long does it take to get products on to Amazon?

Once configured, creating Listings (new products to the Amazon catalog) or Offers (your offer for products already existing in the Amazon catalog being sold by others) generally takes Amazon a few minutes to register the set of API messages that our solution sends in order to create them, although at times Amazon can take up to an hour depending on server load.  Configuration of Listings and Offers inside Amazon Sales Channel by Codisto varies depending on if you are creating Offers or Listings. 

Configuring Offers is quicker because they only require Price, Shipping and Tax.  Configuring new Listings varies depending on the product, category, Amazon SEO fields used and if you are using Amazon specific data e.g. a different title or description to what’s on your Shopify products. 

When creating new Listings, the more organized you are with your product data in Shopify the quicker configuration will be (including UPC data which is the number one reason for Listing creation delays).  Amazon Channel by Codisto offers both Bulk List/Edit and Attribute Mapping modes (in addition to Single Listing mode) in order to make the process as fast as possible.

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