What is an Amazon Seller SKU?

A Seller SKU is a code that is used to identify the products in your Amazon Seller Central account.  

When you sell your Shopify products on Amazon, Amazon by Codisto creates the products in Amazon Seller Central and links them to your Shopify products so they are kept in sync.

It’s generally advisable to use your Shopify SKU as the Amazon Seller SKU so that the products can be easily identified when they are created and linked - this is the default setting:



What if my Shopify SKU isn’t in a format that Amazon accepts?

Amazon’s allowable formats for Seller SKU is stricter than Shopify’s and it may not be possible to pass the Shopify SKU exactly (e.g. exceeds 40 characters). 

In this case, Amazon by Codisto will automatically create a Seller SKU of this format "#codisto-xx" which meets Amazon’s format requirements. We then use this as the link between your Shopify products and Amazon Seller Central.  The benefit of this is you don’t have to change your SKU codes in Shopify in order to sell on Amazon!

So in the case your Shopify SKU is in an allowable format, the link is:

Shopify SKU <-> Amazon Seller SKU

In the case your Shopify SKU is not in an allowable format, the link is:

Shopify SKU <-> #codisto-xx <-> Amazon Seller SKU

(i.e. Codisto automatically creates a ‘bridge’ or ‘proxy’ SKU code to create the link).


Does my Seller SKU have to be the same as my Shopify SKU?

In rare circumstances, merchants may want to use a different Seller SKU than their Shopify SKU.  This can be achieved in Amazon by Codisto by entering a new value in the Seller SKU field in Single of Bulk edit or by mapping a different field in Attribute mapping.  If you are unsure if this situation applies we recommend sticking with Shopify SKU which is the default setting and contacting ascsupport@codisto.com before changing anything.


What if I already have products on Amazon before using Amazon by Codisto?

When you connect your Amazon account, Amazon by Codisto checks your Amazon Seller Central for any existing products. If there are any found, we will display “Listings to Link” on the Overview page.  

When you click through the linking flow we will attempt to match your Amazon Seller Central products to products in your Shopify catalog to save you creating duplicates.

The matching process is done in three ways:

  1. Trying to match the Seller SKU to your Shopify SKU (high confidence match)
  2. Trying to match the GTIN on your Seller Central products to GTIN in Shopify (high confidence match)
  3. Trying to match the product title (medium confidence match)

Any matches need reviewing and approval before they are linked.  Any products that aren’t matched will need to be matched individually via the link listing flow.  More help on link listings can be found here.




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