The Overview Screen and Navigation Menu

Now that you’ve connected to Amazon, you’re ready to start selling, but it’s worth taking some time to familiarize yourself with the Overview Screen and navigation items in the sales channel.

Using the Overview Screen

Notification Cards

At the top of the Overview Screen you will see notification cards that will prompt you about important next steps, changes to the sales channel, or additional support information that we think might be relevant to you.


Amazon Setup Checklist Progress

If you have not yet completed the Amazon Setup Checklist, you will be able to view your progress from the Overview screen.


You can click on the links for each step to complete the necessary setup actions, or click on "Return to Checklist" to be taken to the Amazon Onboarding Checklist to complete the setup process. 

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Note: Once you have completed the Amazon Setup Checklist, it will no longer appear on the Overview screen.

Monthly Free Orders Progress

If you have installed Amazon by Codisto but have not subscribed to a paid plan and are using your free 50 monthly orders, you will be able to view how many of your 50 orders you have used this month and how many you have remaining.


If your nearing the end of your free order inclusion and want to ensure continued order sync, you can click on "Choose a Plan" to add a paid subscription plan to your account.

Learn more about plans and billing.

Amazon Listing Status

The Amazon Listing Status section of the Overview screen will show you at a glance the status of your Shopify products on Amazon.


Active: These are products with active offers that you are currently selling on Amazon.

Ready to List: These are products in your catalog that have the necessary product identifiers mapped and are ready to be listed on Amazon but that you have not yet submitted as offers.

Errored: These are products that you have attempted to create offers and/or listings for on Amazon but Codisto has encountered an error preventing it from being successfully published. 

Ready to Link: These are products in your Shopify catalog that Codisto has found existing offers and listings for in your connect Amazon Seller Central account.

Click on the links to view these products in the listing view, 

For products with errors, click on the link to view their specific errors in the listing view. Review the errored products for common errors, and resolve them before attempting to publish again. If you are unable to resolve the errors, please contact for further assistance.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu on the left will guide you towards the different views in Amazon Channel by Codisto.



The Overview screen lets you view important notifications and status information about your Amazon connection.


The Listings view features the three listing modes available in Amazon by Codisto and can be used to create and manage Amazon listings.

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Order Transfers

The Order Transfers view lets you review and manage inbound Amazon orders before they are transferred to Shopify based on the order transfer settings you have selected.


The Settings view lets you review and manage the settings for your Amazon by Codisto account, Amazon connection, and important settings for your listings and orders.


In addition to the support articles and videos available in the Help Center, you can also view a curated selection of help guides directly from within the Amazon by Codisto sales channel.


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