Connecting to Amazon

Once you have installed the Amazon by Codisto sales channel from Shopify, either from the app store or sales channels menu, you will be prompted to connect your Amazon account.


Before you can connect your Shopify store to Amazon with Amazon by Codisto, you will need:

  1. Amazon Professional Seller Account
  2. Active Shopify Store Subscription

If you don’t already have an Amazon Professional Seller account, you will need to create one for the Amazon site you wish to sell on.

Note: For some international Amazon sites (including the US) you have a choice between setting up a Professional or Individual seller account. You will need a Professional Seller Account to use Amazon by Codisto. You will not be able to connect with an individual selling account. Individual Seller Accounts do not support Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Service), which Codisto uses to manage the integration.  Professional Seller Accounts have a monthly cost which varies depending on the country.  

Learn more about creating an Amazon Professional Sellers account.

Once you have your Amazon professional seller account ready, you can select any one individual Amazon site to connect, for any country, no matter what your Shopify store currency is set to.


Once you have selected which Amazon marketplace you will be selling into, you will be prompted to provide the credentials for your Amazon Professional Seller Account for that region and sing-in to give Amazon by Codisto permission to manage your Amazon account.


After you have signed in, simply follow the prompts to complete the connection flow and give Codisto access to manage your account.

If your account has been successfully connected, you will be taken to the Amazon Onboarding Checklist screen, where you will see this confirmation:


This means your Amazon account is now connected and you are ready to proceed through the remaining steps in the Amazon Onboarding Checklist.

If, after completing the above steps, you receive a notification that your Amazon account has not been successfully connected, please review the errors and steps to correct them in this article, or contact

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