GTIN Exemption Instructions

After successfully applying for a GTIN exemption on your Amazon account, you must share a copy of the approval with Codisto so that we can make the necessary changes to your Amazon by Codisto account.  Please contact us at

After Amazon approving your GTIN exemption and Codisto enabling it on your account, we recommend the following process. 


Open the Single Edit Mode:


Set the Category which has been approved in your exemption and confirm the Product Type


Scroll down further to enter the Brand Name associated with your GTIN exemption.


Click Save at the top right hand side:


Once completed select Offer Details, Click Active and Save




Scroll down to MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER then map it against your SKUs.
Once done, click SAVE.


What if my products don’t have a SKU Code?
Don't map SKU to Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and instead enter a unique MPN for each product you list.

When setting up the Variation Theme (when listing multivariant), consolidating separated variants is a challenging concern as there is no 100% guarantee that Amazon will approve the combining of variants once they have already been listed separately. It may need 15 minutes or re-listing (resending feed) after 24 hours for an item to be consolidated.  If this step is missed it will list the variants separately


Additional Step for Multivariant Items Only:
If you are listing a multivariant, Amazon requires Variation Themes to be set. This allows your items to be consolidated. Things to note when setting up variation theme:
  1. Set the Variation Theme before activating the item as it would be challenging to request an item to be consolidated once the listing pages were created.
  2. Ensure that the Variation Theme chosen is congruent with the actual variation options you have in Shopify. You may receive errors or Amazon may not let you list the item at all if the Variation Theme is not congruent.
  3. Each Product Type has its own set of Variation Theme. In case you are unable to view the suited variation theme, switching to a different Product Type may provide you with a different set of options.

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