Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) - BETA Testing only

What is MCF?

Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) lets you leverage Amazon's global fulfilment network and trusted shipping options for orders placed on your online store and on other sales channels.

Only available through Shopify

Deliveries from when the order ships:

1 business day (priority)

2 business days (expedited)

3-5 (standard) from when the order ships.

Low fulfilment costs with one fee for pick, pack, and ship.

How does it work?



Please ensure you have an FBA item linked to a product in Codisto before enabling the MCF Fulfilment service

User opens Codisto ASC Settings page and click on Register Fulfillment Service, Check box, and Save


Once enabled merchants can open their store's Shopify product page, select products, and will see a new Fulfillment Service selection in the products inventory section 


It is assignable per variant for product variants.


Scroll down to storage location > choose Amazon MCF by Codisto and SAVE


Go to “Settings” on the left bottom of your admin page


Choose Shipping and Delivery


You will see a “Shipping” section on top and a “General Shipping Rates” Shipping Profile. This is where you can set up the shipping rates and rules for different locations and zones. Choose “manage”


You will see products listed in this Shipping Profile. Scroll down, you can see multiple “Shipping from” that show multiple places of your source.

At the bottom, the new Codisto_FulfillmentService will be shown as “Not shipping from”. Click “Add rates”.


You can choose to create new rates for Codisto_FulfillmentService or use the same rates as the existing one


In this example, it uses the same rate with 418 5 Celebration Dr.

Remember to click “Save”









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